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Rybovich Book

The Rybovich book has been featured in numerous publications including

Sport Fishing Magazine Yachting Magazine Southern Boating Magazine Marlin Magazine Yachts Magazine

What do you give the person who has everything...?

Splurge & Do Good
100% of all profits donated to
hurricane relief in Puerto Rico.

Est. 1919, West Palm Beach
The First & Finest Sportfishing Boats

The Collector's Edition
Leather covered, 608 pages, almost 20 pounds
Signed & numbered by the author, Pat Rybovich

Limited 1st Edition, only 600 books published
Rybovich books will increase in value once the Rybovich feature film is launched.

$350   $175

Limited Time Only
Proceeds support Convey of Hope relief efforts in Puerto Rico

Gift-wrapped | Complimentary Rybovich Keychain | Shipping is Free
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"This book has to be the epitome of nautical publishing."
Jim Connelly, book publisher and owner of vintage Rybovich Hull #13

"This book is a Herculean effort! A true labor of love. Your book speaks volumes for the legacy your father has left and the deep love you have for him. Well done Pat."
Martin Hiscock, owner of Rybovich Hull #4

"Pat, I am in tears and I am speechless. WOW!"
Neil Turney, vintage Rybovich owner, Hull #23

"Brilliant and exquisite!"
Rafael Garcia, owner of Rybovich Hull #75

"'Absolutely awestruck' is an apt description. It is extraordinary in concept, in design, in detail, in execution. I am fully aware of the amount of work you undertook and I am humbled by what you did. It is fascinating to read, to study, to stare at."
Rybovich aficionado

"This was a story that had to be told and it needed someone like Pat Rybovich to tell it. Someone that had the passion, the love, the pride and the energy to see it through."
Joe Chioffe, owner of Rybovich Hull #25

"Fabulous!! A wonderful history of the sports fishing world told through the eyes of the family, the owners, the captains and the boats that revolutionized the sport. Thank you so much for all your hard work, research and love and care that you have put in to this project."
Vintage Rybovich owner

"Pat, at last we have the Rybovich book. It is jaw droppingly fantastic, stunning and majestic. This book will indeed go down in history, and Pat, it must be worth every ounce of the blood, sweat and tears you have put into it."
Vintage Rybovich owner, Hull #59

"The BOOK is splendid...exquisite. Your Dad and Uncles must be smiling at the comprehensive, nearly reverent tribute you have given them, allowing their creations and craftsmanship to be shared with many not sufficiently fortunate to own an original."
Vintage Rybovich owner

"Nothing compares, nothing comes close! The wait was worth everything. Wow, what a creation!"
M. Taylor, Rybovich aficionado

"I received the Magnum Opus and its truly awesome. All that we had hoped and beyond. The design, presentation, materials and contents have put every coffee table book to shame. Truly a milestone."
Carlos Cavanagh, Rybovich aficionado

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